Nov 5, 2021 2 min read

What is Cohort-based learning?

Is it really the future of education?

I know, I know. There are tons of content about this topic already. So I've made it simple to digest. (I hope!)

And to think that not everyone knows how it works, what's special about it, and why on earth experts say it's the future of online education--it's still important to expound its meaning.

So let's start!

The word cohort means "group" or "companion". Literally, cohort-based learning simply means learning with groups or companions.

While a cohort-based course is a course where a group of people is learning a specific topic, together, led by an instructor.

Not enough?

I got a very good description from Gad Allon. He says, "it's a collaborative learning style where a group of students progresses through an educational program collectively."

You're learning like you're in school--with classmates, with a teacher. But this time, it's more interactive and collective. Teachers become facilitators. Classmates become communities. Theoretical learning becomes practical learning.

And what's the best about it? There are no grade cards! Instead, there are projects, workshops, presentations, which you can use as a portfolio afterward.

Traditional vs cohort-based learning

It's skill-based, full of creating and showing you the real work scenario.

Is it really the future of education?

Experts say--yes it is! But what's the proof of their prediction?

The cohort-based learning format is similar to the Education 3.0 formula. Since the world is evolving rapidly wherein the next years, machines and robots are our new colleagues (imagine Starwars here), standardization of global learning with the use of high technology will be the future trend of education (or I'd rather say it's already happening).

The learning will be non-stop. The evolution will be non-stop.

But.. on the other side of it.

Even though technology will play a vital role in education, it won't replace the real connections we'll be looking for with other humans. And that's why cohort-based learning is now and the future.


Have you tried learning with cohorts? Now is the best time to try it. There are hundreds of cohort-based courses on several topics that you can enjoy!

If you want to add ideas and comments, feel free to reach out to Happy to hear your thoughts.

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Janica Solis
Janica Solis
Edtech enthusiast with 5y experience in education. Worked in an iNGO that promotes global education, and in Edtech startups that design bootcamps and online courses.

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