Dec 11, 2021 1 min read

Udemy's Q3 report is up!

Heya fellow creator,

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What's for this week:

I. Insight.

I wrote about the reasons why people aren't enrolling in cohort-based courses after reading an intriguing survey findings in Medium. A must-know for course creators.

II. Courses.

Bumped into Public Lab, a 3-week cohort-based course by Kevon Cheung. It increases your accountability to build in public with a community of builders, whether you are creating a course or building a project.

Another one is Ondeck Founders course. You may have heard about it already, so if you are interested, hurry! Application deadline is on Dec 12.

III. News. Here are the edtech wins this week:

  • Two-year old edtech startup from Nigeria, uLesson, raises $15M in Series B. Couple of pivots were done before hitting this record.
  • Football and online education are top searches in Vietnam. Education is a crazy hit! Around 68.72 million out of Vietnam’s 96 million population are online.
  • Udemy's Q3 report is up. Revenue is up to 84% year over year with ARR of $207 Million. With the surge of online learning, this isn't sound surprising.

Bonus! 5 K–12 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2022. Online Education Market to reach $729B. There's certainly enough space for everyone.

Thanks for reading. Ask a friend to sign up if you enjoyed this. Your act of kindness really makes the difference.

PS. Oh yes, I've changed the format to an easy read. Expect the next issues to be concise like this.

Happy weekend.‌‌

Janica Solis
Janica Solis
Edtech enthusiast with 5y experience in education. Worked in an iNGO that promotes global education, and in Edtech startups that design bootcamps and online courses.

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