Jan 22, 2022 1 min read

Is edtech market dead?


Janica here. We curate weekly news, insights, and feature courses to help our readers get the latest happenings in education, technology, and learning.

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I. Insight.

💡 Almost every micro thing works nowadays. From Tiktok, Youtube Shorts, IG reels, to atomic essays, atomic habits, and atomic network. Discover why these works and why you should learn with micro communities.

🟣 New to Web3 and NFTs? Learn the fundamentals while trying out a new cohort learning format. Join the waitlist for free.

II. Courses.

🦄 How are you doing with your work and side hustles? Micropreneurship has been the trend and there's so much more to learn in this career path. Morning Brew is here to help you build relationships, make data-driven decisions, and learn handling your people with their career accelerator programs.

📊 Apart from the booming of decentralization topics, data science is still on the hot list of high-income skills. No need to waste your time searching the web for the best data science bootcamps. Teachfloor created the list.

III. News. What's happening in edtech this first month of 2022?

🇨🇳 The New Oriental Education & Technology Group in China, with a $3 billion market cap, fired its 60,000 employees. We all know China leads the edtech market and this news shakes the industry.

📈 According to Worldbank, Neuroscience and MOOCs are still relevant in the edtech sector. New ones to add are the role of the private sector, education technology, inequality, and pedagogy.

💬 Speak's Cohort-based Program solves the diversity issue of hiring in the US high-tech sector. Currently, this sector employs 63-68% whites, 52-64% men, 48-36% women, and a smaller share of 14-7% African Americans & 13-8% Hispanics. Help someone and share this free, 4-week cohort-based course for diverse software engineers.

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Janica Solis
Janica Solis
Edtech enthusiast with 5y experience in education. Worked in an iNGO that promotes global education, and in Edtech startups that design bootcamps and online courses.

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