Dec 25, 2021 1 min read

Gagan Biyani's secret framework

Heya fellow creator,

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I. Insight.

Read why Gagan Biyani's MVT framework is a better solution to start your cohort-based course.

II. Courses.

  • Are you planning to transition from Web2 to Web3 builder? Learn how in just 4 months! Become a pioneer with a community of 2000+ web3 builders.
  • Haven't found yet early adopters for your cohort-based course? Mark & Nathan will help you build it in 30 days! Here's how.

III. News.

🎄 Christmas Bonus! Listen how to assemble your 100 founding members with CohortCaptain Podcast episode. Plus, here are helpful tactics to get students to join your course without spending a dollar.

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Janica Solis
Janica Solis
Edtech enthusiast with 5y experience in education. Worked in an iNGO that promotes global education, and in Edtech startups that design bootcamps and online courses.

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