Dec 4, 2021 3 min read

#05: The Edtech AI Space Race Has Begun! Talent Garden acquires HyperIsland, the "Digital Harvard University"

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1 - Cohort-based learning platforms: A go or a no?

Jiruto, an all-in-one toolkit plus a marketplace for cohort-based courses

Cohort-based learning platforms have been popular with course creators due to the rise of cohort-based courses. Many Ed-tech founders start to build SaaS for course creators plus a marketplace to showcase their creators' works.

But as a course creator, should you really need to use these platforms? Or is it better to create your D-I-Y landing page and get your own domain?

Here are action steps to help you decide:

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2 - Featured Courses

I. Become A Copywriter Who Supercharges Their Creativity With AI

Copywriting doesn't come with manual writing alone. It is now powered by Artificial Intelligence. Learn the art and science of copywriting with this modern method with Divij in a 5-week course! ✍🏽

The Modern Copywriting Cohort-based-Course for Modern Copywriters

Start Date: Join the waitlist
Price: ₹3,999


II. The System Design Masterclass for Engineers

Are you an intermediate-level engineer who wants to upskill? This is your time to shine! Arpit created a masterclass that will help you become great at designing scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly available systems. Join him next year in his next cohort!

The System Design Masterclass by Arpit Bhayani

Start Date: January 8, 2022
Price: $399

Reserve slot now!

3 - Top News

I. Co-working and Edtech company Talent Garden acquires Hyper Island to scale online courses globally

Co-working and Edtech company Talent Garden acquires Hyper Island to scale online courses globally
Co-working and Edtech company Talent Garden acquires Hyper Island to scale online courses globally
  • Talent Garden is the "European-We-Work-meets-General-Assembly" offering digital courses + co-working space. They are now acquiring HyperIsland, called the "European Digital Harvard University" to level up its game.
  • "It’s estimated that some 97 million new digital jobs will emerge in the next few years, with the global digital education market estimated to grow from $8.4 billion in 2020 to $33.2 billion by 2025, making it one of the fastest-growing sectors of the post-pandemic era."

Thoughts? What will be the next Edtech companies that will collaborate to expand its growth?

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II. Zoho enters EdTech space with TrainerCentral

Zoho enters Edtech space with Trainer Central
  • This is no different from other SaaS platforms for course creators and trainers. Trainer Central is a no-code platform, with web conferencing capability, and a built-in marketing toolkit.
  • Future features support peer discussion, cohort-based courses, CRM tools, and availability in different languages.
  • It's a combination of Teachable + Zoom + Hubspot.

Check out if it fits your needs.

Thoughts? Zoho is just one of the companies that ventured into the Edtech space that created a SaaS and a marketplace for course creators. What will be the next?

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III. The Edtech AI Space Race Has Begun

Allen-Institute-for-AI (US, Israel)
Allen Institute for AI (US, Israel)

Alex Sarlin is writing one of the best newsletters in the Edtech space. Check out his recent one, subscribe, and tell us your thoughts!


Bonus! Everyone is talking about the future!

So what do you think will be the future of Higher Ed? Read the full article, "Exponential Age and Online Learning in 2030."

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Janica Solis
Janica Solis
Edtech enthusiast with 5y experience in education. Worked in an iNGO that promotes global education, and in Edtech startups that design bootcamps and online courses.

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